The Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) is investing $2,545,030 into eight projects, valued at over $5M through the organization’s Food Innovation Challenge and Innovation Booster Programs.

The Food Innovation Challenge funding recipients are:

Theory Mesh (Winnipeg, MB): Creating A More Sustainable Beef and Dairy Supply Chain Through Controlled Environment Agriculture and Digitization

Funding: $1,287,025.00

TheoryMesh is partnering with CubicFarm Systems Corp. and EcoDairy to create a traceable and transparent supply chain for beef and dairy. By connecting all the players and data points throughout the supply chain, consumers will be able to pull up sustainability data on grocery store products using a QR code and ensure that the provenance of their food is verifiable at point of sale. 

Blockchain will be used to capture verifiable data at all points within the supply chain and machine learning will be used to optimize the supply chain for sustainability and ensure the quality and safety of consumer products. 

“Our team at TheoryMesh is excited to partner with CubicFarm Systems and EcoDairy to ensure that every step of the supply chain—from farm to package—is securely recorded and tracked, giving consumers confidence that they are purchasing high-quality, sustainably-raised beef and dairy. In this project, TheoryMesh’s blockchain enabled supply chain technology will integrate controlled environment agriculture with digitization to bring greater transparency and efficiency to the beef and dairy industry. We envision that this innovative approach will set a new standard for the industry and contribute to a more sustainable and responsible food system for all.”

– Chris Bunio