Supply chain management built for the food industry. Manage contracts, suppliers, incoming goods and production processes end-to-end. Instant traceability across your operation. Simplify reporting and inventory management with one integrated system.

Food processors can implement a digital twin of their production processes to improve traceability and food safety. FoodTrace allows for definition of the incoming components and the processes and tests to be applied to reach a finished product. The information can be entered through a mobile or web application, imported from Excel spreadsheets or digitized from paper. The information is connected through the entire production process to allow for rapid traceability.

Information can be shared with consumers through the use of QR codes which can tap into the traceability information and provide a view of production information, testing and other food attributes.


Key features:

  • Contract and compliance management for suppliers
  • Track received goods including testing data
  • Support for single or multi-ingredient processing
  • Optional connection to farm data
  • Import existing data from ERP software or spreadsheet
  • Tools for intelligent scanning of paper documents
  • Attach photos and documents to production records
  • Manage customer and packaging data
  • Flexible traceability reporting from input to customer, customer back to input, production days or individual batches