March 16, 2023: CultivateCI, an industry leader in carbon scoring, and TheoryMesh, an industry leader in agri-food supply chain data management and traceability, have developed a new partnership to deliver data-driven sustainability for food and agriculture supply chains.

Through the partnership, CultivateCI and TheoryMesh have developed the first carbon intensity scoring measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) platform that can trace food from farm to plate. By leveraging the TheoryMesh FarmCapture and FoodTrace software, CultivateCI can utilize their proprietary scoring to calculate accurate, real world carbon impact for supply chains.

This unique platform will give unprecedented transparency to growers, protein producers and food companies targeting more sustainable production. The platform will capture field and barn-level data from practice, satellites and equipment to calculate carbon intensity. API-driven, the platform can be connected to any existing platform used by the producer and carbon intensity can be calculated down to the individual bushel, crop or animal level.

Data can then be used to inform carbon credit programs and accurately reflect the impact of specific practices in soil health, carbon sequestration and crop quality. Says Chris Bunio, Founder, TheoryMesh: “For the first time, it will be possible to see how changes in fertilizer and other practices affect the sustainability of the entire food supply chain.”

In the global fight to reduce carbon emissions, this is an entirely new connection between the producer and the consumer. It gives consumers an unprecedented opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint at the grocery store.

Both Canadian success stories, CultivateCI and TheoryMesh are pleased to partner together to bring their unique platform to the global market. “Transforming agricultural systems is the most critical thing we can do to reverse climate change. Tracing the carbon footprint from farm to fork is an important piece of this transformation and I’m proud that CultivateCI and TheoryMesh are leading the way right here in Canada.” Says Boyd Koldingnes, Co-Founder, CultivateCI.